cashew coconut steamer

There is fresh snow falling, the temperature continues to be well below freezing, and a slick of ice has covered the neighborhood streets. I feel a sense of relief when everyone has arrived home for the day, when we are safely ensconced in our cozy living room where the twinkling tree still stands sentinel, when we can review homework papers and have a snack and talk about nothing and everything in between. The afternoon and evening hours are when we come together and connect. The snow continues to fall and there is talk of tacos again for dinner. I find myself anticipating some quiet time later after everyone else is in bed, but for right now we're all together as the sun dips away and the temperature outside continues to fall farther into the hazy dusk.

I made mugs of hot chocolate, topped with mini marshmallows and whipped cream, for my girls after school, and then I whipped up a simple cashew milk steamer for myself. I happen to adore cashew milk - on granola, in baked goods,…
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