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one-bowl blondies with milk chocolate

For nearly a month we've been in the homework-and-snack zone and navigating everyone's schedules for the fall school semester, though there is nothing fall-like at all about the current weather.

I did happen to notice this morning, as I glanced out at the woods behind our house, that many of the green leaves have begun to turn yellow and gently fall at random, bright little confetti pieces landing on the dry forest ground. The mere sight of this was enough to make me daydream hopefully about autumn for a moment - logs crackling in the fireplace, cups of piping hot ginger tea, apple crisps and pies and crumbles, roasted pears generously draped in dark salted caramel sauce, a soft blanket pulled over my lap while I'm reading, Loki gazing up adoringly at me as she purrs and nuzzles against me.

I've been in a serious baking funk for the last couple of weeks. I haven't had a real desire to try any new recipes. I've baked two pans of brownies in the past two weekend…

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