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blackberry blueberry crostata

The house is quiet. Jammy blackberries are tangled together with blueberries and spices, bubbling away in a flaky, buttery crust; the scent wafting from the oven permeates the kitchen. Sunlight filters in through the white cotton curtains.

A couple of days ago our next door neighbor brought over a small plastic bag and, smiling, handed it to me. These are for adults only, she said in a conspiratorial whisper. She explained that they were rum balls, which I'd never tasted before. They were tasty; I plan to make her recipe soon and use bourbon instead.

Today, as soon as the crostata I'm baking is cool enough to cut, I arrange two wedges on a plate and walk over to my neighbor's house. Pie delivery, I tell her with a smile as she opens the front door. And it's still warm. Her face lights up as she takes the plate from my hand.

I used this crostata recipe that I made recently. This is my go-to pie crust; it's simple enough to throw together at the last minute if you want to, and it's consistently flaky and tender every time. You can use this crust and filling as your standard base recipe guide, and play around with different fruits. The result will be a deliciously rustic pie that's perfect for sharing.